... your Genealogy toolkit for iPad®

GeneTracker for iPad

GeneTracker is a Family History Management toolkit for organising your Genealogical research.

Essential companion for your Family Reunions.

Handy assistant at your High School Reunion.

Keep your photos, document scans, video clips, sound bytes and other files inside the database, linked to individuals they refer to.

Keep your personal family information private and secure. (There are always some things it is better not to share with the world!)

Being mobile lets you enter information where and when you find it... at the Library or at the homes of family members.

Our GeneTracker sampler file contains some of the family history of Henry VIII King of England to illustrate the various features.

GeneTracker can be reset and cleared of this data so you can start entering your own family history.


GeneTracker GO runs on the iPad
FileMaker® Go software.FileMaker® Go for iPad

FileMaker® Go is available as a FREE download from the Apple iTunes® store.



Event Map


  • Search-as-you-type feature allows entry of custom search criteria from all values entered. eg. enter 'joh' and the list will show people with 'joh' at the begining of any of their names.
  • Individuals can be "checked". All "checked" records can then be found and listed using buttons provided. The FileMaker Go app toolbar is also accessible for custom searching and browsing records.




Take your iPad to family events so others can contribute factual and anecdotal details before they are forgotten.

Take a photo of the new baby and instantly add it to her profile.

If Granny finds a photo or a birth certificate of Great Uncle Fred... just take a snapshot straight into Fred's GeneTracker photo-library or events section documents.


The GeneTracker GO Sampler allows a 30 day trial after which you may have entered details you don't want to lose.
KEEP your sampler file and import the data into your purchased copy.

GeneTracker GO will work on the iPhone but it will not be an optimal size for data entry and navigation and the buttons will be too small for most large fingers.